An Upraised Chalice

Adventures and Near-Death Encounters in my Search for the Brotherhood of Light - and What It Can Mean for You


The Karmic Interactions of Near-Death Experiences and the Spiritual But Not Religious Theme Detailed in Epic Adventure Story that has Received  Dozens of 5-Star Reviews,

Publication date May 1,  2014 - ISBN - 978-0-9912635-0-9   268 pages with 47 pictures - Available in print and all e-book formats from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and your favorite bookstore via Ingram & New Leaf Distributing Co.


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Awarded 5 Stars from ForeWord Reviews

“Nothing gets one’s attention like one’s imminent demise,” writes Gene O’Neil in An Upraised Chalice, a book that chronicles the remarkable travels, adventures and near-death experiences that have marked his quest to discover the meaning of life. O’Neil’s practical insights, born of experience, cut across religious boundaries to convey a vibrant spirituality in plain, accessible language.” - ForeWord Reviews

...’And the crux of living lies in these questions: "The years turn into decades and sooner or later, (hopefully later) sickness or accidents happen and all are again confronted with the big questions: Why? What's next? What has this life that I've lived been about? As one begins to consider their own eventual departure: What have I been able to do to make things a little better? What have I passed along to make others' lives more beautiful?" —D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Additionally there are dozens of 5 Star Reviews on the Amazon book page and here on this site.

Do you consider yourself more spiritual than religious?

Many have turned away from traditional, organized religions to explore their own relationship with the Divine.  The author is one of these seekers and this book chronicles his remarkable journey to many of the world's sacred places.  It is the inspiring story of a lifetime’s quest for the ancient wisdom while experiencing miraculous intercessions of the Great Ones along the way.

This accounting differs from other stories detailing near death experiences.  The author (a professional pilot, a builder, a teacher and a family man) had multiple near death encounters over the years.  In one instance Archangel Michael appeared in a sphere of Light, commanding him to prepare with a specific prayer / mantra just moments before the fatal car accident.  Immediately after this accident, going up the tunnel of light to the other side, two Masters assisted with a specific action that allowed for the continuation of this lifetime.

The story details the lifelong chain of events that brought about these intercessions and the prior and subsequent interaction with the Great Ones that so shaped Gene’s life.  And there is a much deeper story here. A story that is vast in its implications and that contains a challenge to all who seek to know the truth—a story that helps answer our greatest question –why are we here?

  • How the Laws of Karma play out in near-death experiences
  • How the author created the conditions that enabled him to hear and see the warning from Archangel Michael and how these life-saving intercessions happened again and again over the years
  • How to choose a lifestyle that produces a healthy body—physical, mental and emotional—and a life of joy and purpose
  • How to awaken to the overwhelming majesty and love of the individualized I AM Presence within


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